Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First mixed media on canvas.....

I have kind of had a lot of interruptions lately, for the past few months actually, that have prevented me from doing a whole lot in my art journal but I am trying to get things cleared out of the way so that I can work on my journal.  I did however, find the time to do this painting.  Its my first mixed media piece on canvas and although her head is a bit lopsided hehehe I am quite proud of her.  She has no face, my son asked me why she had no face...I told him that I couldn't seem to find one that fit and that she was kind of like me, still working on figuring out who she is.  He said that made sense...

The initials at the bottom....well I have found a name that I really want to purchase for my domain and as soon as I have money to do it I will have a new domain for my site...But I am going to leave you guessing for now because I want to purchase the domain name...not have someone else buy it out from under me and yea...you get the idea.  We live on one income in this household...times are hard.  I have to be very careful where and when I spend my money these days...  I do sell on eBay if anyone is interested in checking out my auctions there!  Sorry for the shameless plug.  I will also be selling my paintings on eBay as I do ones I think "might" sell.  hehehe  I'm no SuziBlu or Tamara LaPorte but I am taking Tamara's World of Whimsy 2 class starting soon.  Gifted to me by a friend.  My very first art class ever and I am soooo excited to get started!  I sold a few things on eBay and got myself a small set of CarAnDache water soluble crayons, haven't used them yet but they look luscious.  I have a lot of acrylic paints, mostly the cheapie stuff but some of the better stuff in tubes and at one time I was buying mad amounts of scrapbooking supplies and embellishments and still have quite a bit of it to use in my art journals and art pieces.  I remember I loved to draw when I was a kid...I remember doing a pencil sketch of John Stamos when I was a teenager.  Yes I loved John Stamos!  LOL

So my goals are eventually to start doing art journaling videos and posting them to YouTube for everyone to see.  I also want to do a journal flip but as I just started journaling my journal isn't very full yet.  I am working on this now and will post a short video or some pictures of the other pages that I did get done.

Well, my day is just getting started here in New York...so I am going to finish up this post and go get my stuff done for the day.  I hope you enjoyed the art and the conversation and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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