If this blog is found, every single word written here will probly be criticized and I will likely get a LOT of hate mail.  Be forwarned...I don't care what anyone thinks of what is on this site.  That is the beauty of free speach.  We all possess that inalienable right, yes even I do.  I believe that everyone has a story all their own, told only their way, and everyone has the right to tell that story if they so choose to.  What is in this blog, is my recollection of events, happenings, people and personal knowledge from MY point of view.  It is not the end of the world, but every story has two sides and valid points to make and this is a part of my therapy.  If you don't want to help me with my journey through illness, at least have the common courtesy to leave me the hell alone while I do it all by myself in my own way seeing as how no one else is offering any other alternatives for me at this point.  Don't like it?  Lump it.  Leave.  It doesn't really affect me so deal with it. 

This is me turned inside out for the whole world to see........

So the point is, be forewarned, I am brutally honest and don't believe in hiding things just because someone's feelings might be hurt.  That hurts much worse in the end than honesty does.

Please be aware I have worked very hard to create everything displayed on this site. Therefore all contents of this website are Copyright © 2006-2013 Dawn Archer. All rights reserved.