Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello there! Thanks so much for coming to visit me here on my blog. I hope you enjoy the trip with me to discovering who I am and where I came from. I have many stories to tell and lots of memories to recover and as I do so, I will be sharing with you my art journal...such as it is. I am 40 years old (YIKES) and have 2 beautiful living children, Dakota my son is 18 and a senior next year in high school. He plays football and is taking a culinary arts course through the BOCES program at school. He wants to be a chef some day. My daughter Lisa is 7 years old going on 17, OMG, and she is a Juvenile Diabetic. I also have a son named Christopher that I lost 10 years ago when he was just 9 years old. He was a wonderful affectionate loving sweet smiling little boy who loved his brother and I so much...

So there will be a bit of everything here from my daily life, frustrations, rants, whining and much much more! For this very reason, because my language can get out of hand at times and I am a rapid cycler, my blog has been set to adult content although the only thing adult will be the language...but hopefully not too bad...

I hope you join me for the journey, I'm a little rough around the edges but if you stick around through the not so good stuff I promise there is a person in here that is just waiting to get back out into the world and be known and she is a good person who would do anything for anybody but who has just been hurt so much in life that she is locked away for protection. I'm trying to free her again. Grab a cup of coffee, join me, won't you?



  1. I'll gladly join you, Dawn !
    I'm right here when you need support.. like huge hugs =)
    Congrats on starting the blog and may your journey filled with bliss ! Love !!!

  2. Hey Regina!! I guess I should ask you if that is what you like to be called or if you want to be called Sung-Hee...I definitely don't want to offend. I am so glad you are here. I love your art and you inspire me as much as Tam does! I love and so appreciate the hugs hun!

    To finding our bliss....

    Dawn xox

  3. either Sunghee or Regina works.. both are my names =)