Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oh my gosh I have been so busy!!!!  I have been dealing with insurance issues, health issues, hubby's dental work, my college classes and my art class and trying to do art in between somewhere!  Yes!!  I started Tamara LaPorte's class World of Whimsy 2 on Monday and I love the class so much!  I have been drawing faces and bodies for days now...I watch her videos daily not only for the drawing lessons and tips but also for the words she speaks that are so true and seem to be pulling me in farther to find out more about these things she speaks of that I had never even  heard of like self love and acceptance and being at peace.  WOW!!  I need to know more!  I am so looking forward to the rest of her lessons and I would recommend this class to anyone at all because Tamara is a very special and gifted woman who speaks the truth about a lot of issues we all face daily.  She is such an inspiration its just incredible.  I will be posting the sketches I am doing from her class at some point when I get more time but for now this was just a quick heya to whoever it is that actually reads this blog.  I am not gone, just a bit lost at the moment...

xox Dawn xox

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