Friday, July 16, 2010


 I was going through the gallery pages at RuntimeDNA which is a Poser site with content and artwork for the program.  I came across several images that jumped off the page at me and it turned out that they were all images done by my dear friend Amy Galloway!  She has such a beautiful imagination.  Then I thought I needed to email her and ask her permission to use a couple of her renders as models for sketches I was thinking of doing...  That thought led to when I was a tag artist on Delphi Forums years ago and even just a few years ago this was going on.  Tag artists rely on original ideas and other peoples free to use or pay to use art to create their tags.  Gleen an idea from another tag artist and see what happens to ya...  wow some of these women are pretty vicious.  However, in the world of mixed media, yes its ok to use magazines and scrapbooking papers but for the most part it is YOUR art...not Keith Garvey's art or Carlos Cartegena's art...its YOUR art.  That I have found makes it in and of itself so beautiful.  Doing tags on the internet takes a lot of creativity to keep your ideas fresher than the other guys and to not take anyone elses ideas and use them even in a different configuration because that's a sure fire way to get black balled from entire forums at a time.  I guess this is just randomness, something that was running through my head today.  I don't know if it makes sense to anyone or not but there it is.

I drew another girl today.  She turned out even better I think.  I will post her tomorrow.  I am exhausted and still have homework to do.  Night all!

xox Dawn xox

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