Saturday, April 02, 2011


For those who don't realize, I made a plea in my last blog post for an old friend of mine to contact me and he did.  The conversations we have had have stirred so many memories that were wonderful that I had nearly forgotten.  We spent a lot of time at church together, I was in our pastor's wedding at the time as a bridesmaid and William was my escort..  We spent a lot of time at the natural springs in Safford when we dated and I remember how he used to dote over me.  I remember how good it felt to know someone cared.  I'd all but forgotten that feeling.  My life has been such a wreck since back then.  That was the most normal I ever was was back then when William and I were dating.  We were inseparable and I remembered we used to use a phrase all the time "you beast" it was just funny and everyone laughed whenever someone said it... 

I am hoping that our conversations as they go on will deepen and that we will become wonderful friends again as he was the bestest guy friend I ever had in my life and I would love to have that in my life again.  I miss that.  Funny thing is, when I talk to him, it's like no time has passed at all even though its been nearly twenty years since we last spoke.  The feelings haven't changed a bit. 

Well, I'm going to continue my stroll down memory lane and hope everyone has a good weekend!

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