Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Life has gotten in the way of me posting much by way of things I write on here in the past month or so.  I want to change that, I want to get to a point where I am writing on here every day but that just isn't lookin good right now...

So in the past month a few things have changed, we got tax money back finally and I finally now have a different car!  YAY!!  So excited!!!  I am still in therapy and working with a case manager to help me get my life in order again...I have also found that on top of my already growing list of diagnosis there is more.  Seems now I am Bi-Polar with hallucinations, I have anxiety attacks and panic attacks, I have problems being around people socially, I was abused in many ways for many years and I also have PTSD because of all the abuse I endured. 

Well that's it for now...I will update more soon I hope!  Hugs to all!

xox Dawn xox


  1. Hi Dawn I am so glad I made it over here. Thanks for helping me so much

  2. Hi Dawn, I hope that life could be better for you from now! big hugs. Kat.