Wednesday, August 04, 2010


My life has been pretty busy, I've cycled in my bi-polar adventure a few times in the past few weeks but I have tried to keep journaling.  A few months ago when I found Tamara LaPorte and SuziBlu on YouTube, I bought myself a brand new Moleskine sketchbook with a purple band and the nice thick cardstock like pages in it that are buff colored.  It sat and sat for months before I would dare to dream of destroying it.  That is how I saw it.  I would be ruining a nice book by putting anything I could possibly put in it in there.  I would just destroy it.  It would be ruined.  Then I started listening to Tam and Suzi and I started doing stuff on scratch paper and in sketchbooks and well I've got a few things to show you.  I will try not to overburden each post with pictures but I do want to make sure I post everything I have done to this point.  I can't change the dates on the postings on here so I can't go back and add anything later with the correct date.  But here is what I have done with my Moleskine starting with the cover.  I should also mention here that I am doing stuff on my own in here and also doing stuff from Tam's art class World of Whimsy 2 AND doing some Soul Journaling following along at the site  I am having a blast doing this and the therapeutic benefits are everything they say they are believe me.

One with the journal

I gesso'd the cover and then gesso'd a few puzzle pieces from an old puzzle my daughter had.  I used my Caran d'Ache water soluble crayons to add some color to the background and dissolved it with water.  I added different things to the puzzle pices and added some Kanji symbols that are important to me to the background of the cover.  My new world...pieces of me.

xox Dawn xox

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