Sunday, December 09, 2012

Long absence....

I haven't been on in awhile...I ended up having to move again.  Now we are settled for awhile I hope.  I have had a lot of issues going on lately...bills piling coming...lots of pressure and no way to relieve it.

So I lost all my dolls on my hard drive because it crashed in the last move.  So if anyone is reading this and can possibly send me any of my old creations which would be under Desta's Dollz, Desta DeZines or Dawn's DeZines I would greatly appreciate it, also any heads I have made for you as I do keep them in case someone loses theirs and needs them back.  I also lost all the other doll bodies and heads I had from all the other artists so if anyone has anything that they have permission or can get permission to share I would be so grateful for it.

I have tried making doll bodies again to help with some of the stress I'm feeling, I do them because I can get lost in pixels and not think about anything else...These are not done for profit of any kind so don't bother me with copyright issues because I do not break any of them when I am just doing this for fun.  I cannot afford to have this hobby if I have to pay for it as internet is already costing me $100.00 a month...

Without further ado, here are my next installment of doll bodies and if anyone has anything they can send me please send to Thanks everyone!  Enjoy!

Please click HERE to download the body sheet.  Thanks!

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  1. I Could not get these ones to down load but dawn wow an thanks so very much for the ones I could.