Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scored a new art journal for cheap!!

I'm always shopping for goodies at the Salvation Army or "Sally's Boutique" as I like to call it....lol  I scored this beautiful hand made paper photo album actually but its just pages of handmade paper bound together and although says photo album on the cover, I don't have to keep that there and the inside has a bit of writing but I can paint over that but just look at this gorgeous book!  It FEELS just as good as it LOOKS!!!  Yummy paper!!!!  All this yumminess for $1.99!!  YAY!

I also cut my daughters hair the other night and she looks just darling!  I think but I am biased I must say!  LOL  Here is what she looks like now, I didn't think to take a before picture!  But her hair was down to the middle of her back or longer and she hated brushing it...

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  1. Love the new journal and your adorable daughter's new hair cut:)