Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Been thinking lately....

Since I was born in El Cajon, California in 1970, I have moved something like 17 or more times mostly when I was a child.  Because of all the moving, I didn't develop normally as a child.  I didn't have friends, most of my time was spent riding in a vehicle.  I am sure we moved around more between me being born and the age of 7, when I started remembering where we moved but it went something like this...

Birth - El Cajon, Ca
7 yrs - Tucson, Az
Erie, Pa
Weatherford, Ok
Belton, Tx
Safford, Az
Las Cruces, NM
Safford, Az
18 yrs - Killeen, Tx
19 yrs - Tucson, Az
22 yrs- Jefferson, Tx
22 yrs - Tucson, Az
23 yrs - North East, PA
31 yrs - Jamestown, NY
Frewsburgh, NY
37 yrs - Randolph, NY

The years before the name of the place is how old I was when I moved there.  I can't remember when we were in each place exactly and I can't even remember the name of each place as I know I have inadvertantly forgotten a few in this clouded mind of mine but Randolph is where I am now and where I have been one of the longest periods of time in my life.  I have a stack of about 20 or so photos from when I was a little girl and I have not one memory of the events surrounding the photos or any of the other people pictured in them.

People wonder why I am the way I am, think about it...nothing about the way I grew up was normal at all.  I am what I am and you have to take me as I am or walk away, it's that simple.


  1. I think you first appeared in Safford a few months before either your 15th or 16th birthday. I remember going out on your birthday.:)

  2. Well, look who it is...I haven't heard from you in 21 years now...you should email me. justahippie at gmail dot com we'll talk. I have been dying to talk to people from back then...lots of questions. please contact me.

  3. Please Bill, I don't want anything from you but to talk...a lot happened between us and I don't remember it all, need some of the blanks filled in that maybe only you can fill. Contact me please. Soon.